Over the past four decades, the size of the average American home has increased by more than 1,000 square feet, to 2,721 square feet. As buyers look over their options, sellers may search for ways to increase the square footage of their older homes as a means of increasing their appeal. One of the most cost-effective ways for sellers to add more living space to their homes is to insulate and finish basements and attics. Because finishing a basement or attic takes advantage of utilizing pre-existing space, it avoids foundation work that would otherwise be needed to increase the footprint of a house. This eliminates one of the most costly aspects of creating additional living space that boosts buyer interest.   
Another way to add square footage is to enclose a screen porch and make it a four-season room with real windows, floors, walls and heat. Our dedicated and knowledgeable real estate agents provide you with the highly specialized information that you will need to make good decisions. Our combination of unique market-knowledge and excellent negotiating skills will help you secure the optimal price for any property you plan to sell or buy. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation at our conveniently located office. We look forward to meeting you.
HINT: Finished attics and basements lend themselves to media rooms (man caves), offices, and exercise spaces that are currently in favor among buyers.